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“It was truly more than I expected.  The highlight was in locating the home where my Dad was born, and the current occupants allowing us to tour the home.  It was a dream come true.  Your research was complete with the names going back to the early 1800's and you were kind enough to provide a family tree and a list of souces for your information.  Little did I know that my Grandfather Wraith was married twice before and that my Father had an older brother.  It was such a professsional effort at a very reasonable rate”. 

R Saunders, North Carolina, U.S.A

"It gives me great please to provide a testimonial for Mrs Heather Tomos, who has proved to be so industrious in the field of genealogical research. Her approach is exceedingly professional, she works exclusively from evidential research.
My original commission to her was to take my family back to the 1600's. Her success, both surprised and disappointed me - no celebrities, no criminals, one hundred per cent of sixty two ancestors were farmers, farmers wives, farmers sons and farmers daughters. My only slight disappointment was that she discovered so many scions who had become contaminated by religion, fortuitously none of them are direct ancestors.
When I first commissioned Heather, I presented her with a daunting task - four filing cabinets a total of sixteen drawers, none of which had been filed or collated. In no time at all she assembled for me a fascinating collection of data, some of which goes back to 1700's, for which I and exceeding grateful in recognising. I have neither the ability or experience to achieve a volume of work which I am sure will be appreciated by many generations to come".

Leonard Rees, Cerbid, Solva

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